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Do you need contacts or glasses for seeing at distance, near, or both? With convenient LASIK corrective eye surgery locations in Appleton and Green Bay, LASIK at OptiVision is one of many options available.

Because there are many different types of refractive surgery available, the procedure that is right for you largely depends on your lifestyle and your specific visual needs at work and play. At OptiVision Laser Centers, Dr. Stephen Dudley , Dr. Gerald Clarke and Dr. Camille Almond perform Custom LASIK, NearVision CK, Visian ICLand PanaSEE Sight Rejuvenation in Appleton and Green Bay. Dr. Dudley, Dr. Clarke and Dr. Almond were premier adopters of these and many other refractive procedures in Wisconsin. Dr. Clarke performed the first corneal refractive surgery in Wisconsin in 1984 and Dr. Dudley performed Wisconsin’s first laser vision correction in 1991. Dr. Almond, Dr. Clarke and Dr. Dudley have nearly 50 years of combined refractive laser eye surgery experience and have performed over 50000 procedures.  OptiVision surgeons are truly LEADERS in refractive surgery.

Click on the procedure below to learn more about LASIK, NearVision CK, Visian ICLand PanaSEE Sight Rejuvenation in Green Bay and Appleton.

Custom LASIK -Laser vision correction for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, Custom LASIK is the most frequently performed vision correction procedure for distance and near vision…

PanaSEE Sight Rejuvenation –An OptiVision exclusive, PanaSEE is a lens based procedure that corrects vision at distance and up close whether you have nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism…

NearVision CK-Indicated for individuals with mild to moderate farsightedness, NearVision CK offers a choice when it comes to vision correction for reading…

Visian ICL-Indicated for highly nearsighted indivduals, Visian ICL is an implantable contact lens that is a viable intraocular alternative to Custom LASIK in Appleton and Green Bay.

Call OptiVision Laser Centers at 1-800-20-HAPPY to schedule a complimentary consultation in Appleton or Green Bay to determine if Custom LASIK, PanaSEE Sight Rejuvenation, Visian ICLor NearVision CK is right for you.


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